How to make Red Alert 2 Network (LAN) mode work (Xp,Vista,Win7)

I don’t think anyone enjoys new red alert’s.Best version is Red alert 2,if you ask me.But if you tried you may have noticed,red alert 2 network is a dead end.Especially if you tried with windows 7 or windows vista operating systems,nothing happens when you click network mode.You end up playing alone.Today,i’m telling you how to enable network mode and play across vista,windows 7 and windows xp multiplayer.No i’ll tell some technical stuff,and the fix,so you can enjoy the game.

Red alert 2 is a old game,so game uses an old protocol,IPX to make people play with each other.This protocol,is not installed on Vista and Windows 7,and as i tested,it can’t be installed.But there’s other protocols which all windows systems support.What we’ll use today is called UDP protocol.All you need to do about that is placing a .dll file into game directory,and it will work perfectly.Tha only condition to multiplayer game with udp protocol is everyone joins should have it.You can download wsock32.dll below,and place it into ra2 game directory.

Download Wsock32.dll (UDP Patch) –

Lets come to [***FATAL***String Manager failed to initilaized properly] error,which usually occurs in vista and windows 7.

The only reason for that is game needs to be started in compatibility mode.

Go to the game directory,where game is installed

Right click each file named below,Choose compatibility mode as “Windows 98″ for each of them.Your problem should be fixed.Enjoy!



gamemd.exe (Only if you have Yuri)

ra2md.exe (Only if you have Yuri)



  1. firoo.87 says:

    thank you so much man u made my dream come true in my house now i can kick my brother’s ass in red alert 2
    cheers ..

  2. unknown says:

    Thanks. Works perfectly!!

  3. Lex says:

    It goes to network now but we still can’t see each others games!! We’re both on the same WiFi.

    1. Markers says:

      Try connecting both to same Hamachi network.

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